Wedding Photographer – How To Find Yours

You’re engaged. Congratulations! You are all set to delve into the world of wedding planning. But where to start, right? There are so many different parts to a wedding and there are so many vendors out there as well. It can be a little overwhelming! But let’s break it down for you.

1) You’re Engaged, Yay!

So firstly, you’re engaged. This is an exciting time and part of the wedding process. Don’t forget to celebrate that! Whether you have a full out engagement party or just a quiet meal in. Whatever tickles your fancy, do something to mark this special occasion.

2) The Numbers Game

As with all things, you need a starting point when it comes to organising. With starting your wedding planning, the best thing to do is work out how many people you want to invite. This will probably be one of the toughest parts of wedding planning: who to invite and who not to invite. Family politics come into play, and if you have certain family members helping you financially, they may want to suggest certain guests. The best advice I can give you here is to do what’s best for you. It’s your wedding day. You need to have the people you want there. I never see the point in having a distant relative come along when you haven’t seen or spoken to them in twenty years. It makes no sense really, right?

Once you have your numbers, you can start looking at wedding venues. A lot of wedding venues have a maximum number of guests you can have. This can sometimes help in determining the numbers of your guests and if you want an excuse to not invite certain people. Venues tend to take bookings a year or two in advance. Once you have your wedding date and venue booked, then you can search for the other elements to your wedding.

North Middlesex Cricket Club Wedding Photographer - Groom kisses bride

3) The Search Begins

There are certain wedding vendors that you’ll need to book early. For example, wedding photographers can be booked up two years before, so if you have a particular photographer or style in mind, get your skates on.

There are a number of ways you can search for your wedding photographer:

  • Recommendations
  • Google
  • Wedding Blogs/Magazines
  • Wedding Fairs
  • Preferred Suppliers
  • Recommendations give you a level of trust if you know someone who’s used them. But don’t feel you have to go with a photographer just because they have been used by someone you know as their style may not be what you’re looking for.

    Google’s a great way to find photographers in your area or with the style you want. For example, if you live in Hertfordshire, Google wedding photographer Hertfordshire or if you want alternative wedding photography, search alternative wedding photography Hertfordshire.

    Wedding blogs are particularly a good source if you have a certain theme in mind. If you are a boho bride, look at Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, but if you are having a more elegant style, Love My Dress might be more up your street.

    Wedding fairs are a great way to actually meet your potential photographer and other vendors. It gives you a chance to look through their work and chat with them. Usually with wedding fairs as well, you can snap up a couple of offers by vendors.

    Preferred suppliers are recommended by your venue. These are wedding suppliers that have worked there regularly so know their way around. This doesn’t apply to all venues though. Some preferred suppliers may have never shot at the actual venue and may just pay to be on their list, so do your research and ask to see examples.

    4) Booking Time

    So you’ve done your research. You have contacted a number of photographers whose work you love, their style fits yours, and they’re free on your wedding date. Now you have the opportunity to ask questions to your potential wedding photographer. Questions like what are their prices, what’s included, what can you expect from them etc. This will help you decide who is right for you.

    Once you have your photographer booked, you can book an engagement shoot with them. This gives you a great chance to see them at work and get a little bit of practice in before the big day. You can also use your engagement shoot photos for your Save The Dates. A great way to share your gorgeous photos. Engagement shoots can be done at any time before your wedding date. This is good if you have a particular season you would like to do it in. Chat with your wedding photographer to find out when’s best for them and share any ideas you may have.

    Whipsnade Engagement Shoot - couple sat on bench

    5) Enjoy Your Big Day

    Before you know it, the time will whizz past and your wedding day will be here. Enjoy it. You have worked hard to organise your big day that you can enjoy yourself.

    Cornwall Beach Wedding Photographer - bride and groom at sunset

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