How To Have A Stress Free Wedding Morning

Bride having a stress free wedding morning at Notley Abbey

Your wedding day is here. All that planning has come together and this is finally it. You may feel excitement or nervous or a bit of both. But the last thing you want on your day is to be stressed.You want a stress free wedding morning.

Urgh, no one wants that the morning of their big day! So how can we avoid that?

How To Have A Stress Free Wedding Morning

Be Organised

Being organised is one of the best ways to avoid stress. Have everything you need in one place, This means you are not spending ages trying to locate your shoes or perfume. This will also help your wedding photographer know where everything is if they want to take photos of them.

Being organised can be:
having lists of what you need
having bags allocated for certain things
having your bridal party in charge of certain tasks or items as their important job for the day
test runs of how long it will take you to get from where you’re getting ready through to your ceremony venue around the time you would need to leave on that day before your wedding day
hair and make up trials to see how long it takes
practices on lacing up your dress with whoever is in charge and possibly lots of other ways to help be organised.


Have your bridal party help you keep organised by delegating them a job or something to look after. From a bridesmaid lacing up your dress through to the best man being in charge of holding the rings. Through to your mum being in charge of your bag to your best friend being in charge of helping you with your dress when you need the toilet. Have everyone know what they are responsible for. It will help you have less things to worry about yourself and to have a stress free wedding morning and day.

Bridesmaids looking at instructions for garter at South Farm wedding

Tidy Room

Keeping the room that you are getting ready in tidy(ish) will help you keep organised. You will know where everything is. This will also help reduce your stress levels as well. Ever notice how if the kitchen is full of dirty dishes, or your bedroom is full of clothes thrown everywhere, you feel a little stressed. Your mindset gets a little worked up. As they say, a clean home is a clear mind. So don’t let those little niggles end up disturbing your calm before the wedding. These little things can help you have a stress free wedding morning.

Relaxing Music

Before the big day, create a playlist that sits on your phone. So when you are getting ready, you can have it playing. Whether it’s a playlist of your favourite songs, or a playlist of calm and relaxing vibes, that’s totally down to you. Do whatever you think will suit you best for the morning.

Bride's playlist during stress free wedding morning


Don’t have lots of people getting ready with you, particularly if you don’t like crowds of people.

Have just a couple of key people, whether it’s your bridesmaids or just your best friend. If you have a good relationship with your parents, then choose them. But if they sometimes just wind you up so much, it’s probably better they get ready elsewhere.

Allow Lots Of Time

Allow yourself lots of time. Don’t have your hair and makeup done so it will finish just as you are suppose to leave for the wedding ceremony. Have at least half an hour after you are scheduled to put on your wedding dress to just chill before you have to leave. This half an hour will give you some extra time in case things are running a little late. And if you’re bang on time or early, it will give you that extra time to allow you to get use to your wedding dress being on (so hopefully you won’t be hot and flustered) and give you some time to chill.


Enjoy your morning. It’s the build up to the moment you get married. It will most likely be full of emotions and adrenaline and excitement.

Bride laughing with bridesmaids as getting ready for Stationers Hall wedding

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