Photography Farm with Sam Hurd and Rock N Roll Bride

Sam Hurd posing Rock N Roll Bride

Every year, I like to do a couple of workshops to help inspire me, learn new things and meet other photographers. Being self employed can get a little lonely, so it’s nice to have some time with like minded people who are in the same boat.

So last month I headed down to Ridge Farm in Surrey. An amazing and inspiring place which use to be a recording studio for awesome bands such as Queen, Muse and Ozzy Osbourne. How can you not feel inspired knowing such legendary people had been in those very rooms. Though sadly it isn’t a recording studio anymore, it is now a venue for hire for weddings, events and business.

Sam Hurd showing back of camera

The reason I was there was for Photography Farm. I’ve been on a few of their courses before, and the wonderful thing about Photography Farm is that there is such a sense of community. They are constantly bringing in new photographers and people to learn from. And this time it was none other than Sam Hurd. An American photographer whose work I love. His photography blows my mind and is like magic. So when I learnt he would be the one sharing his knowledge and experience over a two day residential workshop, I knew I had to be there. Plus it was the week after my birthday so what the heck, a little birthday present to myself!

The two days were spent learning, listening, shooting and being inspired. And the great thing about it was that the man is not afraid to share what he has learnt. He isn’t scared to share his techniques. He was so open and honest, it was just a wonderful experience and an amazing chance to meet him and Nessa Kessinger, his partner and also an absolute amazing photographer in her own right. We even had the priviledge of photographing Kat Williams and her husband Gareth from Rock N Roll Bride to see Sam in action. Just all kinds of amazing.

Sam Hurd shooting through hay at Photography Farm

I got to try out things that I had been puzzled over for months, I was able to use lenses I had been itching to get my hands on, and I was able to have a good laugh whilst taking it all in. A massive thank you goes out to Lisa Devlin as always who is the mastermind behind Photography Farm, and to Alexa Clarke Kent (such an awesome surname!) who was the farm elf helping out over the few days.

And here’s what I shot…

Rock N Roll Bride in the sunshine at Photography FarmRock N Roll Bride cuddling at Photography FarmRock N Roll Bride holding hands at Photography FarmRock N Roll Bride at Photography FarmRock N Roll Bride lying on ground at Photography Farm

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