Newly Engaged? Congratulations! So What Now?

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Newly engaged? Congratulations! This is such an exciting time for you! But I totally understand if there is a little part of you deep deep down that has suddenly gone “argh holy crap! How do I even BEGIN to start planning a wedding!?”

And breathe…

I get it. It can feel totally overwhelming. There seems to be an unspoken pressure that surrounds being newly engaged and how you need to jump into the deep end and get your venue booked, and work out how many guests you are going to invite, and do I need to invite the cousins if I invite my aunt, and how can I tell my friends not to bring their partners during the day… and already feeling like you want to hyperventilate.

Ok… time out.

It doesn’t have to be like this right? All this pressure? A sudden fear or doubt bubbling away in the pit of your stomach?

No it does not.

I’m going to tell you how simple it can be.

So let’s start!

Newly Engaged Advice

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We can totally get swept up in the moment and think “wow! The ring is on the finger now! I’m newly engaged! Quick! Let me jump on wedding blogs, Google wedding venues, write a list of who I want to invite!” But hold fire for a moment. Take time out to really enjoy being engaged. It is such an exciting time!

Get together with your family and friends. Tell them in person. Show off your ring. See their faces as you tell them. Take it all in. And take time out with your partner to celebrate!


This is the fun part! Have a chat with your partner about your ideas and what you would like or have thought about for your wedding day. This will give you some ideas as to what your wedding will look like: who will play key parts in your wedding, what kind of wedding theme you may have, where you would like to get married and when in the year. This will help form an idea of what your wedding could be and gives you a starting point for when you start wedding planning.


Think about the time of year you would like to get married. Summer months are most popular for weddings as you have longer days and more chance for nice weather (though it always rains on 17th July as that’s my birthday!). Winter is also popular for Christmas weddings with log fires and candles. Spring is perfect for blooming flowers or autumn for golden, crisp leaves so lots of colour depending on whether you want softer, pastel or rich, bolder tones. Do you want to be outside for most of the day or in? Do you want most of your wedding in day light or do you also want darkness so you can do things like fire pits or sparklers or even fireworks.

You will also need to think about the time in which you would like to get married. If you are getting married in winter, you will want your wedding ceremony early so you still have plenty of daylight for photos. If you would rather have a later wedding ceremony, then consider a summer month.

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When you are chatting together, talk about whether you have any ideas about your wedding theme. A wedding theme doesn’t need to be something like “I’m going to have a Star Wars wedding theme!” (though that would be AMAZING!). It can be as simple as teal blue used as a main colour or an outdoors wedding. It can celebrate a hobby or interest you have, a part of your personality, a place you love, it can literally be anything! This will also help you decide as to whether you want to have a big wedding or just a few small key guests. Whether you want a full on wedding or just to elope. Whether you want something a bit more classic and traditional, or totally quirky and personal.


Once you have an idea of when you would like to get married, this may help you decide what kind of venue you would like. If you love nature and want to be outside, look for venues that have gorgeous grounds. If you want to be inside and love the idea of a winter wedding, a historic building may be perfect to have stunning interiors and huge fire places.

Have a rough idea of how many people you would like to invite as this will be another key point when it comes to searching for a venue as you will want to make sure your wedding venue can hold the number of guests you would like.

6) HOW

Once you have had all the fun, comes the not so fun part… talking about money. When you talk about your wedding, you will need to come up with a budget. Now this can be pretty tricky when you first get into wedding planning as you probably have no idea how much things cost in the wedding industry. You may have a budget which just completely disappears, may even double, or you may not even hit. But with having a budget, it gives you a goal or limit so you don’t get carried away.

Talk about what is most important for you when it comes to your wedding day. This will differ for everyone. Do you want to have a big part of your budget spent on wedding photography so you are putting more value into the memories that will be captured for you on your day? Or do you want the most amazing wedding dress/outfit so you feel like a million dollars? Or do you want to have a gorgeous look to your wedding so your flowers and decorations must be absolutely on point. A good idea would be to write down a list of what you want for your wedding and numbering them in order of importance for you both.


The main bit of advice I can give you is to just be you. You will probably be swamped with advice and tips from family and friends, wedding magazines and blogs, social media once you are newly engaged. All telling you how is best to plan your wedding. That there are certain time frames. But just do what feels right for you. Follow your instincts. This is all about the two of you. Do what is best for you on your day. If it feels right, it is right.

Planning your wedding will be a little scary at times when you may feel overwhelmed. But ultimately focus on planning your wedding day as the first day of your marriage, a day to celebrate with whoever you want to, in any way you want to. Just be true to yourselves. And enjoy being newly engaged. Celebrate it!

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Wedding Planning

I share lots of ideas in my wedding planning section. Whether it is looking at the wedding photography side of things from group shots to your portraits to candid photography. Or we are looking at the wedding budget or examples of wedding venues.

Have a search through wedding blogs that can give you ideas and inspiration:
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Love My Dress for glamour and elegant wedding inspiration
Boho Weddings for luxe to rustic wedding inspiration
to name just a few of the amazing wedding blogs out there!

And breathe…

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