Natural Wedding Photography – How To Have It For Your Wedding

Hitchin Wedding of couple by St Marys Church in sunlight during natural wedding photography

Natural wedding photography is something that my couples mainly book me for. They love the natural expressions, moments and emotions that appear in my photos. They want this in their wedding photos. But do you think being in front of the camera will make you feel anything but natural and relaxed?

Camera shyness is something that is pretty common. You may think you might be the only person or couple that feels like that. Most wedding photographers’ websites are filled with happy couples looking natural and carefree. They look like they are having fun whilst being photographed. These couples must LOVE being in front of the camera. Look how photogenic they are…

Trust me when I say, all couples feel like this. Nervous about their wedding photography. Not natural in front of the camera. At some point, each of my couples have told me how they are not great in front of the camera. How they are worried about not being comfortable during the shoot.

Oh I know how you feel, trust me! Why do you think I hide behind the camera?

Bride and groom laugh together during wedding in Luton


You may have preconceptions of what is going to happen. You may think your wedding photographer will tell you to act all lovey dovey in front of the camera. Then some kind of magic will happen. You might think these couples you see are really good in front of the camera. They love having their photos taken all of the time. You may even think these people are just models and no one “normal” would act like this.

Whatever it is you think, I totally get it.

So this is why it is so important to find a wedding photographer that can help you feel at ease in front of the camera. You will then be the ones in these photos looking all natural and happy and romantic. Engaged couples will be looking at your photos and thinking the exact same things you had been thinking whilst you were searching for your wedding photographer.

Laura Ashley The Manor wedding of bride and groom in cornfield

Natural Wedding Photography

I believe a big part of getting natural wedding photography is to have a good working relationship with your wedding photographer. Not only will it feel less like a stranger photographing you so less awkward, but having good chemistry will help you feel at ease. If you can banter off one another or feel like a friend is behind the camera, it makes such a HUGE difference!

Don’t Focus On The Camera

Try not to think about the camera. Easier said than done I know. If you concentrate more on your partner, it will take away your attention on having your photo taken. Engaging with your partner will allow you to have a natural connection with someone, someone that you feel comfortable with and around. I often ask my couples to talk to one another. I ask them to talk about their wedding so far, Chat about what they thought when they saw each other for the first time that day. How are they are feeling right now. What are they looking forward to for the rest of the day.

Bride laughing wearing The Couture Company wedding dress

Feeling Awkward? That’s OK

Honestly, I find that if you do feel awkward in front of the camera, just go with it. 9 times out of 10, when you are feeling awkward, you will end up laughing and smiling and this is great for natural shots of you. It might sound a bit backwards as the last thing you want is to feel awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera. But I genuinely find that this helps you slowly get better in front of the camera, as you start to laugh, and realise actually it’s not that bad, and this is where the natural wedding photography comes from.

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