Kids At Weddings – To Have Or Not Have Kids At Weddings

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Kids at weddings – to have kids at your wedding or to ask your guests to leave them at home…

Kids at weddings can be so much fun. As a parent, I love being able to see kids at weddings meeting other kids. For them to get all dressed up and run around like nutters.

Kids aren’t worrying about grassy knees, red cheeks or collapsing in a heap in the evening. But weddings can be long days for them especially when they are young, have a shorter attention span and would rather just be on the loose.

Last year, I attended my sister’s wedding and we had our two children with us. At the time, Emmie was twelve and Myles was two. Emmie was at the age where she could keep herself amused but Myles was more of a handful.

Our son didn’t want to sit quietly during the wedding ceremony so he had to go sit in the car with Dan instead. They missed the whole ceremony. Myles didn’t want to sit in his high chair during the wedding breakfast; he wanted to wander off. At the age of two as well it makes it so much harder, especially when you have the terrible twos in tow. Tantrums and tears are not what you want during a wedding. So by the evening, we were quite ready to leave and be less stressed.

This year, me and Dan were invited to a wedding at Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe, Dorset. Guests were asked to not bring their children along. What a lovely time we had! We didn’t have to be ‘mummy and daddy’. We could just be Clare and Dan and enjoy the wedding. Plus what a lovely time the kids had at granny’s house too.

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So having kids at weddings can be great, but there are also good reasons to not have them there too.

Kids At Weddings

If you are having kids at your wedding, think about how you are going to keep them entertained. Think about the age range. Will they know the other children there? How many will there be?

Do you have children yourself? If you have children, then you will more likely want to have children at your wedding so they can play and have fun together. It makes for a great atmosphere as well. So how can you keep them entertained?


Lots of activities for the children will be great for them. There are games such as wedding bingo or wedding I spy. It involves them with the wedding more. They can make a wedding card for the newlyweds to give to them as a present.

Kids activity pack at Riverside Marquee wedding

Flowergirl colouring in during Oxford wedding

Why not give them an activity box or bag? Kids Crate provide you with wedding activity boxes for the children to complete activities and to keep entertained with games. The boxes can be coordinated with your colour scheme as well and personalised for each child.


Garden games can keep small kids and big kids entertained alike. Big garden games like Jenga, bowls, hoop toss, and noughts and crosses are fab. It can really help bring guests together as they play. It makes for great moments for your wedding photography as well.

Girl playing croquet at Buxted Park wedding

A bouncy castle is great for children and adults as well. Who doesn’t love jumping about on a bouncy castle!?

Kids at weddings bouncing on bouncy castle around bride and groom at Watford wedding

Legs hanging out from bouncy castle at Tewin Bury wedding


Creches like what Safe and Sound Events Creche provide are great for a mixture of ages. They provide toys, activities and games for different ages, and keep your little ones entertained whilst the parents can enjoy their meal and the speeches.

Girl at wedding creche at Latimer Place wedding

Boy playing with toys provided by creche at Latimer Place wedding


Have a couple of people responsible for your child during the wedding day, such as your parents. When there is so much going on, young children can feel really overwhelmed. The last thing you need is tantrums or tears when you are suppose to be relaxing and getting ready for your big day.

Taking the children away from this will help so have your parents take them out for a walk or somewhere else to be fed and get ready. Or why not hire a nanny from Safe and Sound Events Creche who can make sure your child is happy and ready if you don’t have someone in your family or friends that you can rely on.

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Mother of groom looking after grandson during Beaconsfield wedding ceremony

Involve Them

Involving your children will make them feel more special and that the wedding is about them as much as it is about you. Dan and I want to involve our children when it comes to our wedding day. Ideas such as doing a hand fasting where Emmie and Myles can tie ribbons around us to strengthen our union have been bounced about, as we want something different and something that can involve them.

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Put Them Together

During the wedding breakfast, have a table dedicated just for the kids. They can have a laugh and fun together whilst the parents can chat amongst themselves.

Children's table at Tewin Barn wedding breakfast

Children's table at Cornwall beach wedding

Not Having Kids At Weddings

If you choose not to have kids at your wedding, don’t feel guilty! This is your wedding so you can choose to celebrate it however you like. But do think about the parents as well.

If they are not allowed to bring their children, do they have someone they can rely on to look after them? What issues will it cause?

Make sure you make it clear to the parents that children are not invited so there are no mix ups. Let them know as early as you can.

Are you inviting children within the family but not your guests’? Will this offend anyone?

Do any of your guests have young babies that they may possibly be breastfeeding still? Are these guests local so they won’t be travelling a great distance from them? How close are you to these guests? Will it upset you if they choose not to come because they don’t want to leave their kids behind?

These are all things to consider if you want to have a kids free wedding.

Like I mentioned above, me and Dan were happy to be kidless for our friend’s wedding. But not all parents are like this. Some see it as a little break from them (two nights without the kids, yes please!). But some parents may not have been away from their children for so long.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to deciding whether you would like kids at your wedding or not. What do you think?

Next week I will be looking at how to get great photos of kids at weddings.

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Kids playing with footballs at Watford wedding

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