Keeping Organised During Wedding Planning

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Keeping organised during your wedding planning will help you keep sane!

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. It is a big event you are organising and it’s unlikely that you’ve done something like this before (unless this isn’t your first marriage). So it’s natural to think that there is a lot of planning to do, lots to book in and so much to figure out.

Keeping Organised

So I am going to share with you some tips on how to keep organised during your wedding planning.

Dedicated Email

Create a dedicated email for your wedding planning. It will make things a lot easier for you to have everything in one place and not sifting through lots of personal emails to be able to find certain emails to do with your wedding. It will also be an account that you can both access.


Write down everything you need or think you will need for your wedding. Write it all down. From the obvious such as a venue, catering and photographer through to the not so obvious like wedding insurance, wedding celebrant (if you want to have more personal vows or humanist ceremony) and umbrellas (in case it rains). List it all down in a spreadsheet in one column.


Such an amazing piece of software. Spreadsheets are brilliant for keeping everything together. Have everything you need for your wedding in one column, use another for your budget, use another for the prices you will pay. Use other columns to write down quotes you have received and who you have spoken to. There is so much you can do with a spreadsheet and it will really help you keep organised as well.

Shared Calendar

Using something like Google Calendar allows you to share events between calendars. This is great for being able to set up when you are going to visit venues or suppliers, when you need to have your invitations sent out, when payments need to be made, etc.

Google Drive

Google Drive is brilliant for sharing documents across to other accounts. This is ideal if you are using spreadsheets and it also means you can access them at any time on a smartphone or tablet so you can update your information as you are out meeting new suppliers. A great bit of software for keeping organised.


Once you have a budget sorted and you start to get quotes for suppliers, work out between you both what your priorities are for your wedding. What are the most important things you want for your wedding? What do you want to spend most of your money on? List what your priorities are. You can then work out where you want to spend your budget on mostly and what may not be needed or you may not want anymore.


When it comes closer to your wedding day, this is when your bridal party comes in. Talk to them. Give them roles for the run up to and on your wedding day. Delegate someone to be in charge of your hen/stag do. Put someone in charge for liaising with the other bridal party during the morning of the wedding. Have someone in charge of helping you into your dress. Someone in charge of giving out the Order of the Day. Someone responsible for rounding up those needed for group shots. Have a role for each of your bridesmaids or groomsmen so you are not worrying or stressing over making sure everything will be done. This will help keep things efficient and organised.

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner or toastmaster on your wedding day will keep things organised for you which means less stress for you. Some wedding venues will include one for you, but if you are thinking of doing it all yourself, you may want to invest in a wedding co-ordinator to keep things running smoothly on your day. You don’t want to be the one making sure everyone is getting fed on time, or that the band/dj are ready to start when they are scheduled to, that the cake is being cut up, that the microphone is working for the speeches, and all sorts of other things. It will be a good investment so that you can enjoy your day and they are in charge of keeping organised.

If you would love to have more wedding planning tips, check out my wedding planning section.

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