Getting Great Photos Of Kids At Weddings

Pageboy runs past group shot at Shendish Manor wedding

Last week we were looking at kids at weddings and how to keep them entertained if you choose to invite them. Let’s look at how to get great photos of kids at weddings.

Getting Great Photos Of Kids At Weddings

As a parent, I know what it’s like. Your child is in a group photo. You want them to look great, be on their best behaviour, smile and look at the camera. You feel an underlying thread of pressure to make sure your child doesn’t “mess up” the photo by not doing all of the above.

The best piece of advice I can give you as a wedding photographer is that you need to leave it to the professional. Focusing on your child means you are now the one not focusing on the camera or smiling. You are looking down at your child with your face a little contorted because you are telling them to look and smile at the camera. You are now the one who “messed up” the photo. Typical right?

Pageboy protesting on group shot at Pembroke Lodge wedding

Group Photos

Group shots can be pretty boring for everyone. Standing around waiting for your turn. Having to smile at the camera constantly. Kids find it worse because they just want to just run off and play. Therefore I tend to try and get the kids’ photos done first. Once those photos are out of the way for them, they can go have fun.

So how do we make it quick and painless for them and for you…

1) Play with them whilst the group shot is being organised – particularly if they are young
2) Don’t fuss too much over them
3) Don’t worry about getting them to look at the camera

During the group shots, I count down so everyone knows when to be looking at the camera and smiling. Not all children may be looking my way so I will call out to them if they aren’t. With young children, I will ask someone to be really animated behind me so that they catch the child’s attention. I need you the adult to look straight into the camera and smile until we are done.

Group shot with children at Woburn Sculpture Gallery wedding

During The Wedding

As my style is mainly candid and natural wedding photography, I focus on getting this of the children at your wedding. Getting great photos of kids at weddings is to just let them do their own thing. I will photograph it as they do it and can be themselves.

I shared tips on how to keep them entertained by having plenty of games and activities for them in my last post. Happy and entertained kids means I can get great natural shots of them.

Boy smiling at other children at Woburn Safari Park wedding

Allowing children to be themselves at weddings means you can get little gems like these with your wedding photography.

Boy yawning during Greek wedding at Hendon Hall

Flowergirls playing with shoes at Woburn Safari Park wedding

Boy peeking out from under table at Woburn Safari Park wedding

Getting great photos of kids at weddings at Pembroke Lodge wedding

Pageboy smelling flowers at St Albans wedding

You couldn’t get these kind of shots if you ask the child to look at the camera and smile. Natural wedding photography at its best.

So my advice for you for getting great photos of kids at weddings is to relax, let them be themselves and leave it to the wedding photographer to work with them to get the best photos of them.

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