Food photography at Fanhams Hall

Canapes for food photography at Fanhams Hall

Food photography at a wedding at Fanhams Hall in Ware, Hertfordshire

Food photography is something that I don’t do often, but I love it. I was invited along to do some food photography at Fanhams Hall, to photograph the wonderful Anna Corless of Anna’s Kitchen. She was busy catering for a wedding at the gorgeous Fanhams Hall located in Ware, Hertfordshire. It was my first time being in a working kitchen, so it was an interesting and fascinating experience for me. The food looked incredible and it was an absolute pleasure to photograph the workings of the kitchen in a documentary way. Please take a look at Anna’s services as her food is amazing. I’m lucky enough to get to eat it each month at the Athena meetings I attend.

Here are some of my favourite shots of my food photography at Fanhams Hall.

Food Photography At Fanhams Hall

Fanhams Hall wedding venue

Fanhams Hall and gardens

Potatoes in kitchen

Roasted vegetables on tray

Anna from Anna's Kitchen working

Desserts being prepped at Fanhams Hall

Strawberry sauce in glasses

Cream being whipped for wedding breakfast

Chef prepping chicken at Fanhams Hall

Canapes being prepared at Fanhams Hall

Chicken coming out of fryer

Anna of Anna's Kitchen

Chef slicing meat

Chef serving up canapes

Shallots in tray at Fanhams Hall

Fondant potatoes for wedding breakfast

Canapes dished up

Chef making a quenelle

Soup cooking in pot

Desserts for wedding breakfast at Fanhams Hall

Dessert for Fanhams Hall wedding

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