First Look

Bride cries when she sees bride for first look at Stationers' Hall wedding

First Look – what is a first look? And why would you want to have one?

What Is A First Look?

The idea of a first look is that the couple meet up before their wedding ceremony to see one another.

Why Would I Want A First Look?

There are lots of reasons as to why you may want to have a first look.

If one of the things you would really love from your wedding photography is the shot of your partner’s reaction when they see you for the first time, then this is perfect as you can more or less guarantee getting this shot, where as during the actual wedding ceremony, this can be a little more difficult to capture as there are lots of different factors that go into it: will guests be standing in the way? Is photography allowed during the ceremony? Is the aisle long enough or too long to be able to get these shots? Will your partner turn to look at you (which usually they are not suppose to, but they may not always be able to help having a sneaky peek)?

With a first look, we can plan where this will happen and when. This allows you to decide what the location is, and what will happen. This makes for a great part of your wedding photography.

This can also help take away some of the nerves you may have before your wedding ceremony, as seeing one another can help bring a sense of calmness or even more excitement for what’s about to happen!

First Looks

When I photographed Ella and Sophia’s wedding, they wanted to have a first look as they would both walk down the aisle together at the same time. We set up the first look in the garden of their wedding venue Stationers’ Hall in London. They came together and Sophia’s reaction when she first saw Ella was beautiful. Love these moments!

Emotional bride as she first sees bride for first look at Stationers' Hall wedding

Emotional first look at Stationers' Hall wedding

First look at Stationers Hall Wedding by Clare Tam-Im Photography-2

Sapna and Shamil had a first look before their civil wedding ceremony at Moor Park Mansion in Hertfordshire. They did this so they could exchange gifts in person and also so we could do portraits of the two of them, as the timings of their day meant that they would have to change into their second outfits for their Indian engagement ceremony straight after the wedding ceremony.

Bride and groom exchange gifts during first look at Moor Park wedding

Portrait of bride and groom during first look at Moor Park Mansion wedding

When I second shot for Laura Debourde at Loudwater Farm in Hertfordshire, Meg and Lee chose to also have a first look. Lee stood with his back to where Meg would walk through. She then tapped him on the shoulder so he could turn around and look at her.

Groom sees bride for first look at Loudwater Farm wedding

Happy bride sees groom at first look at Loudwater Farm wedding

Isn’t A First Look Bad Luck?

There is a saying or “tradition” that seeing each other before the wedding ceremony is bad luck. I don’t really believe in these kind of superstitions. But that’s totally down to you. Some couples like to have the grand reveal during the walk down the aisle. Others like to have this intimate moment so they can keep this private (other than for the photographs). Some like to know that one of the first people to see them in their wedding attire is the person they are marrying, rather than them being one of the last.

What are your thoughts on the first look? Is this something you would consider?

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