Entertaining Your Wedding Guests

One of the things that engaged couples worry about is entertaining their wedding guests. No one wants anyone thinking their wedding is boring! So here is a look at some of the fun things you can do or hire to keep your wedding guests entertained.

For The Kids

Activity Books
Activity books are fantastic to keep kids happy. Fill them with games such as I spy or lots of stickers. Have them draw a picture of the newlyweds to share with them.

Activity book to keep children at weddings entertained

Wedding Creche
There are childcare services you can hire that look after the kids at your wedding. So whilst the adults can enjoy the speeches in peace, the kids are entertained. It also allows the parents to know they can enjoy the day more and be a part of the wedding more than just being mum and dad for the day. The kids have new friends to make if they don’t know the other children there. They can be entertained with toys or games to enjoy rather than waiting for people to stop talking so they can carry on playing during the speeches.

Bridesmaid amongst toys by wedding day creche

Children’s Entertainer
Similar to the creche, having an entertainer for the kids will keep them busy whilst speeches are happening for example. This could be a magician, entertainers or a balloon modeller.

For The Big Kids

There are lots of amazing ways to include music throughout your wedding. I’ve photographed mariachi bands, singing waiters, steel drum bands, live loop pedal performers as well as live bands who are a great way to get everyone on the dance floor. Having musical elements throughout the day adds in another level of fun.

Mariachi band at Monkey Island wedding

Casino Tables
Another fab way of getting the big kids involved is setting up casino tables. At least no one has to worry about losing a whole lot of money!

Ceilidh Band
These are probably better done without kids involved as it can get a little crazy! Ceilidh bands are amazing for getting people up onto the dancefloor and are so much fun. It makes me think of doing country dancing back in primary school. But so much cooler and more fun! You just grab a partner and are told what to do. It’s fun, energetic and such a great way to kick off your evening entertainment.

Having a cocktail bar or something a bit more unique like a cocktail VW bar brings a bit of wow to your wedding. I love seeing cocktail guys who have a few tricks up their sleeves when they are shaking cocktails up.

Cocktail VW bar at outdoor festival wedding for entertaining your wedding guests

For All Ages

Bouncy Castle
Who doesn’t love a bouncy castle? Get one that allows the big kids (aka adults) on as well. As let’s face it, we all love to step back into our childhood and play when we can!

Wedding guests flipping on bouncy castle at Woburn Safari Park wedding

Garden Games
Garden games are a great way to get your guests involved. It helps break the ice between guests who may not know one another. These could be giant chess, giant jenga, fair games such as coconut shys, or team games such as tug of war.

I love it when there’s a magician at a wedding. It’s such an awesome way to get such wonderful moments of you and your guests. Especially when they are just blown away by a trick. It always baffles me too!

Shocked guest during magic trick by Paul The Magician at The Bell in Ticehurst wedding

Photobooths are a lot of fun as well. Perfect if you want to get group photos with your family and friends but want it more fun. It saves you having to spend ages on your formal shots when you could do something much more fun.

Glitter Bar
These are becoming very popular. Glitter bars are another fun way to add some sparkle to your day. Perfect for festival style weddings too.

Bride puts glitter on bridesmaid at Tip Top Venues

Depending on your venue, fireworks are also a fun way to entertain everyone. Bring out some sparklers or fire pits to get everyone outside to enjoy a fireworks display.

This is another fun and quirky way of giving your guests something to take away with them from your wedding. Topsy Doodle was at Steph and Sean’s wedding and drew the guests which was a different type of wedding favour to take home.

Topsy Doodle doing caricatures at wedding in Denham

Live Painter
This is something I only came across last year when I was second shooting. You can have a live painter at your wedding that will paint a scene from your wedding day. I mean it is incredible. I met Stephanie Struth of Stephanie Paints Things who does this and she is so talented. What an incredible and unique keepsake from your wedding day.

Live painter Stephanie Struth gives bride and groom painting at Marks Hall wedding

Temporary Tattoos
A great one for everyone to have temporary tattoos. Similar to having a glitter bar, it’s a great way to add some more sparkle.

Game Machines
A new popular way of entertaining your wedding guests is by hiring game machines for your reception. These can either be arcade games or console games. A lot of suppliers now offer old school consoles such as the original Playstation or Xbox, or the newest versions.

Ice Cream Vans
Yes for ice cream at weddings! Why not have an ice cream van to dish out your desserts instead? Having a summer wedding? Well what could be more perfect.

Guest with ice cream from Tonino's Ice Cream Van at Watford wedding

Food Vans
Food vans are becoming more popular at weddings. Especially at festival style weddings. This is a great way to be able to offer a variety of food styles to your guests so everybody’s happy.

What could be better than sitting around a fire and toasting up some marshmellows or melting some chocolate? Nom nom.

I hope that gives you some good ideas for ways on entertaining your wedding guests. What are you including on your wedding day?

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