Diary of a Bride: The Asylum Wedding Venue

The inside of Asylum, an alternative London wedding venue

The Asylum Wedding Venue in London

I have been engaged for two years and six months now. Wow that sounds like a long time when sitting down to work that out!

So lately, me and Dan have been talking about the future and about how we want to get married and how we really should start putting some thought into our wedding. We already had ideas of what we want but we are also open to looking around and seeing what other possibilities we can come up with. The problem with working in the wedding industry as well is that I get so many ideas all the time that I think I need to have at least five weddings to be able to fit all these awesome ideas in!

But for starters, we are looking for a venue we would just love to get married in. We want something quirky, informal, different. We want something that will allow us to feel totally ourselves and not have a “formal” wedding. That’s not us.

So when I heard the Asylum wedding venue in Peckham, London were having an opening evening, I knew I had to go check it out. I’ve seen a few of my photography friends shoot weddings there and it looks like just the most AWESOME place so I really wanted to go take a look.

So last night we headed down to one of their open evenings. I was so excited. And I wasn’t let down.

Stained glass windows inside Asylum wedding venue in London

It really is an awesome place. It’s run down, old, authentic, and feels full of history. It’s full on quirky and different, just the kind of thing we are after.

We also met the Canababes who provided a sample of their canapés for us to try. Their pulled pork with pomegranate on crisp tortilla is amazing!! I could have eaten them all.

As we stood there, we could visualise how we would decorate it. Lots of lanterns. Lots of candles. Lots of colour.

The venue can fit up to 120 guests. The chairs, candles and festoon lighting are included in the price. A wedding coordinator can be booked as well, which is something I would totally want to be able to keep everything running smoothly. The last thing I want to be doing on my wedding day is worrying about when the drinks and canapés are going to come out or ensuring everyone’s where they are suppose to be.

There are two downsides to the Asylum Chapel. It is now only available for ceremonies rather than holding a full wedding day. So we would need to find a second venue to hold our reception.

It is also dark. And I mean dark. We went along to visit on a cloudy August evening at 7:30pm so the amount of available light isn’t as much as it would be during the day. There are a few windows at the back of the room to let light in and there are strings of lights and candles within the room itself. You will need to have a professional photographer who knows what they are doing with low light situations to be able to shoot within a place like this, especially in an afternoon slot.

So the Asylum for us is definitely a contender. And I’m excited about exploring other venues which I will blog about as we visit them.

I would also LOVE to shoot a wedding at the Asylum. It is one of the venues on my bucket list of things I would love to do in my wedding photography career.

So if you are booking the Asylum Chapel for your wedding ceremony venue and you are looking for a wedding photographer and like my work, get in touch to find out more about my bucket list special offer.

Stained glass window inside the Asylum Chapel wedding venue

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